Solis Ardor

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Solis Ardor is a monster who presently serves as Royal Tactician under Prince Suvillan IV, and is next in line to become Lord of Niyran. He is a member of Suvillan's party and has been friends with the prince since childhood.[4] He is also friends with Corona Andromede and was in a relationship with Kotori, though the three have drifted apart after Kotori and Solis broke up.[5]

Before the last Human-Monster War, he often visited Regalis Laboratories and was close friends with Lune Umbra, Diana A. Xayasith, and Five. He currently lives in Buried Oasis with his younger aunt and uncle, Surya and Elio. Occasionally, he also babysits his little cousin Aurora for his older aunt Marisol.[6]

His Ability is a form of pyromancy, the traditional ability of the Ardor Family, which was passed down to him as a child through the family's ritual training practice.[7]

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Solis has narrow maroon-colored eyes with two long lashes beneath each one, dark skin, two sharp fangs, and straight shoulder-length black hair that curls inwards at the ends, with three long bangs. He wears an orange headband separating his horn and bangs from the rest of his hair, which seems to be a standard accessory style around his hometown.[5] His horn is angled pointing to the back at a straight 90-degree angle. He wears a work outfit consisting of a mid-sleeved baggy orange turtleneck shirt, and a dark orange sash tied around it on his waist. Under it, he wears a pair of grey pants and grey square shoes.

As a child, Solis wore an orange shirt with a yellow sun symbol on it over a white undershirt, no headband, and had shorter hair.[4] During his time at Regalis Laboratories, his hair was still shorter and straighter, but he otherwise looked similar to his current appearance.[7]

During the Barrier's Breach War he wore a much more elaborate outfit featuring a brown shirt with yellow trim and a yellow-trimmed orange sash with a darker orange soul symbol over his shoulder, both held in place with a dark brown sash around his waist. He wears a yellow necklace with a sun symbol, and a smaller, darker headband than his usual. He keeps his usual pants and shoes.[7]

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