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Nino is the main character of Oceanfalls, and the first character to be introduced. He is a Human boy who suffers from some kind of amnesia, being unable to remember most of his past. Throughout the story, he occasionally forgets or recovers large parts of his memory, causing him to undergo major shifts in personality. He is initially introduced in the Monster World, but cannot remember why he crossed the Barrier.

His Ability is Healing Hands, a healing ability. It has a secondary effect called Fortification, that can temporarily strengthen the body after healing, or automatically in response to pain.[5] His Mastery Level is initially Novice,[6] but changes to Able after discovering Fortification.[5]

His base Stats are 2.5 in power, 4 in mind, and 2.5 in speed, though his stats in power and speed can be increased with Fortification. His unique stat is Charm, reflecting his penchant for Diplomacy.[5]

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