Meimona Corvus

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Meimona Corvus, or Mei for short, is the third member of Nino's party. She is a Winged living in the human town of Icicle Bay with her winged cat, Boyfriend. She is initially introduced as a thief terrorizing the town and its guardian Kaji Pyxis, but is eventually able to make peace with Kaji and the townspeople and acquire a job with the Sea Patrol.

Her Stats are 1 in power, 3 in mind, 4 in speed, and 5 in luck, which is presumably related to affecting probability and chance to work in Meimona's favor.

Her given title is the Angel of Fortune, given to her by her mother. Its stated affect is making her extremely lucky, but its more prominent ability is causing the things people around Meimona believe about her to become true.

Her divinity status is Waning.

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