Lune Umbra

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Captain Lune Umbra is a human who serves as the Head of the Royal Guard under Prince Ruit. Both she and the prince are rather close, having fought in the Human and Monster War together. She dual-wields swords of a different kind than Nino's in combat. She is an Umbran who perfectly lives up to the Umbra clan's reputation of high combat prowess.

She is first introduced in the human town of Icicle Bay, along with Kaji Pyxis, her subordinate. In stark contrast to her winged companion, Lune is treated with quite a bit of respect by the residents of Icicle Bay, as is evident in her initial chat with the local jewelry trader. Even Kaji, who has quite the distaste for humans, holds a high opinion of Lune.

Lune's Ability is Mirror. It allows self duplication, and extends to letting her be in multiple places at once if needed. When Lune uses Mirror, her copies appear to rise up from her own shadow. Lune's mastery level is perfect, and she has reached the state of Resonance at a young age. Lune has become known as The Army of One on the battlefield and by her soldiers, due to this ability.