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Ludwig Grimm von Phantomhound[3] is a Wolfhound belonging to Aria Elwyn. He is exceptionally peaceful and friendly compared to the rest of his kind.[4][2]

Appearance[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Ludwig resembles the front half of a large black dog - where his back legs should be, he dissipates similarly to the lower half of a Spirit. He has no visible eyes, and his mouth is made entirely of the same material as the rest of his body, having no distinct teeth, gums, or tongue.

History[edit | hide | edit source]

Ludwig was originally raised as a beast of war, similarly to most other tamed wolfhounds. However, he found the other hounds' willingness to attack defenseless humans shameful, and abandoned them to live on his own.[2]

Some time after this, he was severely injured while living in the Forest of Illusions, where he was found and rescued by Aria and Kotori.[5] The two of them treated Ludwig's wound, and he ended up becoming Aria's pet, deeming her a fair master due to her kindness.[2]

Chapter 1[edit | hide | edit source]

Shortly before the start of the comic, Aria took Ludwig with her on a walk into the forest, during which he wandered off while she was watching the eclipse.[3] While lost, he encountered Nino and Five, who mistook him for a wild animal.[1] Ludwig attacked Nino, assuming him to be a threat until Nino dropped his sword, at which point he resumed his usual friendly behavior. Still thinking he was a wild animal, Nino decided to adopt him,[6] and inexplicably also named him Ludwig.[7]

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