Kaji Pyxis

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Kaji Pyxis is a Winged that is first introduced in the human town of Icicle Bay. He serves as the leader of the Sea Patrol, leading to his initial conflict with the thief Meimona Corvus. He is much beloved by the Seafolk within his jurisdiction, but is initially despised by the human population of Icicle Bay due to his failure to deal with Mei. As a fallen winged who has lost his divinity, he has no halo and cannot fly.[5]

He originally served the Queen as a guide, being born with a three-pupiled eye that allowed him to see the best path for her to take. After some unknown event, he willingly chose to blind this eye and abandon her, leading to him losing his divinity and much of his memory.[6]

His Title is the Angel of Guidance,[6] though he is no longer able to make use of abilities related to this title due to losing his divinity. He also has a secondary ability that allows him to control ice, which still functions.

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