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Aria Elwyn is is the second member of Nino's party. She is a Human girl that grew up in the Monster World. She is initially introduced living in Red Tulip Town disguised as a monster, with her pet "ghost dog" Ludwig Grimm von Phantomhound.

Her Ability is an illusory one called Mirage, which she uses to blend in with other monsters. Using said ability, she has made friends with some of the monsters in Red Tulip, such as Kotori. Her Mastery Level is shown as "Proficient?" - as this is from Nino's perspective, the question mark likely just means that he is unsure of her exact proficiency.[3]

She is skilled in archery, as her weapon of choice at the start is a bow with 10 arrows. In Chapter 2, she replaces this with a cleaver, followed by a small woodcutting axe in Chapter 3. She is also skilled with these, having had experience using small axes before the events of the story.[4]

Her Stats are 3 in speed and power, and 2 in mind. Her unique stat is Percept, reflecting her resistance to illusions[5] and her skill at understanding people's motivations.[6][3]

Appearance[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Aria has long wavy blonde hair, which is initially tied up in a high ponytail as a way to connect with her human heritage.[7]> After {S}: Decimate, she loses her hair tie and keeps her hair down from that point on. She has deep blue eyes, framed by short bangs, with two long side locks framing either sides of her head. The side locks along with her ponytail fall down to wavy folds.

Her initial outfit consists of a light purple sleeveless track suit, which she wears zipped over a short sleeved dark purple undershirt, and purple jean shorts worn over dark tights. Her shoes are purple with white collars. She also wears short purple gloves, possibly to protect her fingers when practicing archery. During Chapter 2 she buys a purple button-up parka in order to disguise herself better.[8]

During Chapter 3, she gets a new outfit consisting of a lavender tunic with a darker purple belt and capelet, red shorts over white tights, reddish-brown shoes, and a winged headband.

As a child, she had shoulder length hair tied up in a wavy half-ponytail in the back, emulating her late mother's hairstyle. She wore a poofy dark dress, the same one she later gives to Five.[9]

When she first arrived in Red Tulip and befriended Kotori, her hair was mid-back length with a single half-ponytail, and two short wavy sidelocks. She wore a sleeveless light green dress, with teal patterns around its hems. Under it she wore black tights with light green buckle shoes.[10]

In Chapter 1, her monster disguise consists of a straight horn and bright red eyes. In Chapter 3, she makes the eyes darker, presumably to avoid being recognized.

History[edit | hide | edit source]

Aria was born in the Monster World where she grew up in a small village with her family. She had few friends growing up, often being shunned for being a human, and so spent most of her time with her family.[11] During this time, she would often take walks to look at the stars with her mother, Maya Elwyn.[9]

Ability[edit | hide | edit source]

Aria's ability is named Mirage, and allows her to create illusions to disguise herself or other people[12]. She has primarily used this to disguise herself as a monster, in order to safely live in the monster world. Like other illusory abilities, it is classified as Sensing, since it is fully mental and the resulting illusions are intangible.[13]

Using Mirage requires Aria to actively focus, with her ability to do so represented abstractly as a Focus Gauge. Illusions are grouped into three categories based on their complexity, with each one requiring a different amount of focus. The simplest, Beguile, includes her usual monster disguise, and costs 1/8 of the Focus Gauge. The next category, Facade, includes illusions that disguise an entire person, like the one she uses to escape prison. These cost 1/2 of the Focus Gauge. Finally, the most complex illusions are classified as Fata Morgana, and would cost the entire Focus Gauge, though an example of this has yet to be shown.[14]

Because of the focus required to maintain an illusion, anything that disrupts her focus, most prominently getting significantly injured, causes all the illusions Aria is currently creating to dissipate.[15] They will also dissipate if someone attempts to physically interact with them, as they are completely intangible.[16]

Like with all illusions, Aria is able to draw from nearby people's memories in order to create her disguises. However, this process is entirely automatic, and she is not able to directly read people's minds with her ability.[16]

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